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Catalogue 90mm Model Figures

Scuplted by;

Charles Stadden, Andrew Stadden, Jeff Willis and Ron Cameron

CS9001         Napoleon 

CS9002         Officer, 2nd Dutch Lancers, The French Imperial Guard c.1814 

CS9003         Trumpeter, Polish Lancers of the Imperial Garde, The French Army c.1808 

CS9004         Trumpeter, Imperial Garde Dragoons, The French Army c.1808 

CS9005         Trooper, Grenadiers A Cheval of the Garde, The French Army c.1808 

CS9006         Officer of Hussars, The French Army 1805-1815 

CS9007         Officer, 10th Hussars, The French Army 1814 

CS9008         Officer, Imperial Garde Grenadiers, The French Army 1812 

CS9010         Officer, Line Infantry, The French Army c.1814 

CS9012         The Duke of Wellington 1815 

CS9015         Trooper, 3rd Dragoon Guards, The British Army 1812 

CS9016         Officer, Light Dragoons, The British Army 1800 

CS9018         Officer, 42nd Highlanders (The Black Watch) 1815 

CS9020         Officer, 2nd Foot guards, The British Army c.1815 

CS9022         Colonel Kelly, Coldstream Guards, The British Army 1820 

CS9023         Officer, The Lifeguards, The British Army 1830 

CS9024         Officer, 1st Royal Dragoons, The British Army 1900 

CS9025         Trooper, 2nd Dragoon Guards, The British Army 1900 

CS9027         Officer, 17th Lancers, The British Army 1900 

CS9028         Private Line Infantry, The British Army c.1900 

CS9029         Corporal Life Guards 1988 

CS9030         Officer Scots Guards 1988

CS9031         Guardsman Coldstream Guards c.1980s

AS9001         Major-General Sir Arthur Wellesley, K.B. (Later The Duke of Wellington) in Spain, c.1809 

AS9002         Infantry Private (No. 2 Dress) The British Army, 1990 

AS9003         Piper, 92nd Foot (Gordon Highlanders), 1815 

AS9004         Private (Musketry Order) Royal Regiments of Fusiliers, c.1990 

AS9005         Private (Fighting Order) British Infantry Regiments, c.1990 

AS9006         Fighter Pilot, Royal Air Force, The Battle of Britain, 1940 

AS9007         Lieutenant-General, The Earl of Uxbridge, c.1815 

AS9008         Officer, Royal Horse Artillery, 1815 

AS9009         Officer, Royal Horse Artillery, King’s Troop, Present Day 

AS9010         Drummer, 1st Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment, c.1900 

AS9011         Officer, 5th Battalion, 60th Royal American Regiment of Foot, c.1812 

AS9012         Officer, Light Company, 87th Prince of Wales’s Irish Regiment of Foot, c.1809 

AS9013         Officer, Grenadier Company, 35th Regiment of Foot, c.1780 

AS9014         Grenadier, 2nd Queen’s Royal Regiment of Foot, c.1780 

AS9015         Officer, The 16th OR Queen’s Light Dragoons, c.1806 

AS9016         Bugle Major, The King’s Royal Rifle Corps, c.1960 

AS9017         Drummer, 92nd Foot (Gordon Highlanders), 1815 

AS9018         Drum Major, Royal Highland Regiment, Black Watch, c.1990 

AS9019         Officer, 1st (Royal) Dragoons, 1815 

AS9020         Officer, 2nd North British Dragoons (The Scots Greys), 1815 

AS9021         A Hatman, Battalion Company, 51st Regiment of Foot, 1759 

AS9022         Officer, 51st Regiment of Foot, 1759 

AS9023         Grenadier, 51st Regiment of Foot, 1759 

AS9024         Drummer, 51st Regiment of Foot, 1759 

AS9025         Trooper, 17th Light Dragoons (Lancers), 1848 

AS9026         Lieutenant, The Royal Fusiliers, 1917 

AS9027         Private, The Royal Sussex Regiment, 1917 

AS9028         Christopher Columbus, 1451-1506 

AS9029         Private, Light Company, Coldstream Guards, 1794 

AS9030         Subadar Major, 14th Madras Infantry, The Indian Army, c.1897 

AS9031         Sepoy, 36th Sikh Infantry, The Indian Army, c.1897 

AS9032         Captain, 6th North Carolina Volunteer Infantry, 1862 

AS9033         Private, Confederate Infantry, 1863 

AS9034         Private, Union Infantry, c.1863 

AS9035         Private, 14th Regiment, New York State Militia, c.1862 

AS9036         Captain, 8th (The King’s Royal Irish) Hussars, c.1832 

AS9037         Officer, 17th Lancers, c.1832 

AS9038         Private, Scots Fusiliers Guards, c.1831 

AS9039         Rifleman, 7th Duke of Edinburgh’s Own Gurkha Rifles, c.1990 

AS9040         Piper, 6th Queen Elizabeth’s Own Gurkha Rifles, c.1990 

AS9041         Piper, The Black Watch, 1991 

AS9042         Private, Royal Marines, 1805 

AS9043         Sergeant, Light Company, Coldstream Guards, 1815 

AS9044         Officer, Royal Navy, 1893 

AS9045         Private, The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment), 1892 

AS9046         Private, 1st Battalion, Cameron Highlanders, Sudan, 1898 

AS9047         Long Range Desert Group, 1941 

AS9048         Fifer, 51st Regiment of Foot, 1759 

AS9049         Officer, Battalion Company, 19th Regiment of Foot, 1854 

AS9050         Private, Battalion Company, 19th Regiment of Foot, 1854 

AS9051         British Infantryman, North Africa, 1942 

AS9052         Officer, 4th Dragoons, 1759 

AS9053         Trooper, 4th Dragoons, 1759 

AS9054         Private, 1st Parachute Brigade, 1944 

AS9055         King Henry VIII, c.1537 

AS9056         Captain, The Royal Navy, c.1812 

AS9057         Trooper, Chasseur A Cheval, French Imperial Guard, 1804-1815 

AS9058         Sir Winston Churchill 

AS9059         Officer, Royal Marines, 1805-1812 

AS9060         Officer of Infantry, 1807-1812 

AS9061         Light Company Sergeant, The 7th (OR Royal Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot, c.1811 

AS9062         Drummer, 2nd Battalion, The 7th (OR Royal Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot, c.1814 

AS9063         Drummer, The 2nd (OR Queen’s Royal) Regiment of Foot, c.1815 

AS9064         Grenadier, 2nd or Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards, c.1751 

AS9065         Private, The Highland Regiment of Foot, c.1747 

AS9066         Sergeant, 71st Highland Light Infantry, 1810 

AS9067         Private, 24th Foot, Zululand, 1879 

AS9068         Officer of the Marine Corps, c.1783 

AS9069         Musician, Band of the Royal Waggon Train, c.1815 

AS9070         Trooper, The 1st Life Guards, c.1829 

AS9071         Rifleman, The Rifle Brigade, c.1854 

AS9072         Battalion Company Private, The 44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot, 1842 

AS9073         Bugler, The Royal Marines, Present Day 

AS9074         Drummer, The Black Watch, Present Day

AS9075         Drum Major, The Royal Marines, Present Day 


RC9001                 Prussian Cuirassier, The Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871

RC9002                 Prussian Hussar, The Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871

RC9003                 Bavarian Infantry Officer, The Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871

RC9004                 Bavarian Infantry Private, The Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871

RC9005                 Bavarian Cuirassier, Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871

RC9006                 Officer, Bavarian Garde Du Corps, 1814

RC9007                 King Frederick The Great of Prussia, carrying the flag of Regiment von Bülow No. 46 at the Battle of Zorndorf, 25th August 1758

RC9009                 The Duke of Wellington

RC9010                 Drummer, British Line Infantry, 1812-1815

RC9011                 Trooper, Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons), 1812-1815

RC9012a               British Hussar Officer (In Busby), 1812-1815

RC9012b               British Hussar Officer (In Shako), 1812-1815                        

RC9013                 Rifleman, The Rifle Brigade (95th Foot), 1815

RC9014                 Officer, The Fort Henry Guard, (Present Day)

RC9015                 Pioneer, The Fort Henry Guard, (Present Day)

RC9016                 Guardsman, The Fort Henry Guard, (Present Day)

RC9017                 Drum Major, U.S. Military Academy

RC9018                 Cadet Officer, U.S. Military Academy

RC9019                 Cadet, U.S. Military Academy

RC9020A              Officer, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, c.1900

RC9020B               Officer, The Seaforth Highlanders, c.1900

RC9020C               Officer, The Seaforth Highlanders, c.1900

RC9021                 Officer, The King’s Royal Rifle Corps, c.1900

RC9022                 Officer, British Line Infantry, c.1900

RC9023                 Drum Major Senot, Grenadiers of the Imperial Garde, c.1810

RC9024                 Officer, Bavarian Chevau-Légers, 1809

RC9025                 Officer, Bavarian Grenadier-Garde, 1815

RC9026                 Hartschiere, Bavarian Hartschieres, 1850-1914

RC9027                 General Field Marshal Von Hindenburg

RC9028                 Field Marshal Von Mackensen, 1st Lieb Hassar Regiment No. 1, Prussian Army, c.1914

RC9029                 Officer, Prussian Infantry, 1914

RC9030A              Private, Prussian Infantry, 1914                

RC9030B               Private, Prussian Infantry, 1916

RC9031                 Officer, Prussian Line Hussars, c.1910-1914

RC9032                 Adjutant, Prussian Line Ulans, c.1910-1914

RC9033                 Officer, Bavarian Chevaulegers, c.1910-1914

RC9034                 Major, Prussian Kaiser Alexander Guard Grenadiers, c.1910-1914

RC9035                 Colour Bearer, Prussian Line Infantry, c.1910-1914

RC9036                 Private, Prussian Line Infantry, c.1910-1914

RC9037                 Kaiser Wilhelm II, 1914

RC9038                 Officer, Prussian Garde Du Corps, c.1910-1914

RC9039                 Trumpeter, Prussian Lieb-Gendarmerie, c.1910-1914

RC9040                 Officer, Prussian Lieb Hussars, c.1910-1914

RC9041                 Officer, Prussian First Foot Guards, c.1910-1914

RC9042                 King Frederick the Great of Prussia, Seven Years War, 1756-1762

RC9043                 Prussian General Officer, Seven Years War, 1756-1762

RC9044                 General Von Seydlitz of Prussia, Seven Years War, 1756-1762

RC9045                 General Von Zieten of Prussia, Seven Years War, 1756-1762

RC9046                 General Adjutant of Infantry, The Prussian Army, Seven Years War, 1756-1763

RC9047                 Flugel Adjutant of Infantry, Seven Years War, 1756-1763

RC9048                 Officer, 1st Guard Battalion (No. 15), The Prussian Army, 1753-1786

RC9049                 Non-Commissioned Officer, 1st Guard Battalion (No. 15), The Prussian Army, 1753-1786

RC9050                 Drummer, 1st Guard Battalion (No. 15), The Prussian Army, 1753-1786

RC9051                 ‘Gros’ Grenadier, 1st Guard Battalion (No. 15), The Prussian Army, 1753-1786

RC9052                 ‘Flugel’ Grenadier, 1st Guard Battalion (No. 15), The Prussian Army, 1753-1786

RC9053                 Bombardier, Prussian Foot Artillery, Seven Years War, 1756-1763

RC9054                 Standard-Bearer, Cuirassier-Regiment No. 13 (Gardes Du Corps), The Prussian Army, 1756-1786

RC9055                 Trumpeter of Cuirassiers, The Prussian Army, Seven Years War, 1756-1763, Cuirassier Regiment No. 2

RC9056                 Jäger, Prussian Foot Jäger Korps, Seven Years War, 1756-1763

RC9057                 Officer, Prussian Mounted Feldjäger Korps, Seven Years War, 1756-1763

RC9058                 Drummer, Prussian Fusilier Regiment No. 44, Seven Years War, 1756-1763

RC9059                 Trumpeter of Hussars, The Prussian Army, Seven Years War, 1756-1763

RC9060                 Lancer, Natzmer Ulanen Korps, Seven Years War, 1756-1763

RC9061                 Officer, Bosniak Lancers, Seven Years War, 1756-1763

RC9062                 Officer of Infantry, The British Army, Boer War, 1899-1900

RC9063                 Infantry Private, The British Army, Boer War, 1899-1900

RC9064                 Highland Infantry Private, The British Army, Boer War, 1899-1900

RC9065                 Trooper of Cavalry, The British Army, Boer War, 1899-1900

RC9066                 Trooper of Yeomanry, The British Army, Boer War, 1899-1900

RC9067                 Sailor, The Naval Brigade, Boer War, 1899-1900

RC9068                 General Adjutant of Cavalry, The Prussian Army, Seven Years War, 1756-1763

RC9069                 Flugel Adjutant of Cavalry, The Prussian Army, Seven Years War, 1756-1763

RC9070                 Flugel Grenadier N.C.O., 1st Guard Battalion (No. 15), The Prussian Army 1753-1786

RC9071                 Flugel Grenadier Drummer, 1st Guard Battalion (No. 15), The Prussian Army 1753-1786

RC9074                 Jäger, Prussian Garde Jäger Battalion, 1809-1814

RC9075                 Private, 1st Prussian Foot Guards Regiment, 1809-1814

RC9076                 Officer, Prussian Garde Jäger Battalion, 1809-1814

RC9077                 Trooper, Prussian Garde Du Corps, 1809-1814

RC9078                 Uhlan, Prussian Garde Uhlan Squadron, 1810-1815

RC9079                 Stabsoffizier, Prussian Infantry, 1900-1914

RC9080                 Officer, Guard Jäger Battalion, 1900-1914

RC9081                 Stabsoffizier, Prussian Uhlans, 1900-1914

RC9082                 Stabsoffizier, Prussian Marine Infantry, 1900-1914

RC9083                 Regimental Sergeant-Major, Grenadier Guards, 1855-1856

RC9084                 Drummer of Dragoons, The Prussian Army, Seven Years War, 1756-1763

RC9085                 Officer, Silesian Landwehr Infantry, 1813-1815

RC9086                 Soldier, Silesian Landwehr Infantry, 1813-1815

RC9087                 King Frederick Wilhelm III of Prussia, 1813-1815

RC9088                 Private, Prussian Line Infantry, Campaign Dress, 1812

RC9089                 Mounted Jäger of Lutzow’s Freikorps, Prussian Army, 1813

RC9090                 Officer, Prussian Cuirassiers, 1814-1815

RC9091                 Prussian Hussar, Campaign Dress, 1812, 2nd Silesian Hussar Regiment

RC9092                 Officer, Prussian Hussar, Gala Dress, 1812, 1st Silesian Hussar Regiment

RC9093                 Private, 42nd Infantry Regiment, “Brigata Modena”, Field Dress, The Italian Army, 1898-1902

RC9094                 Lieutenant, 1st Regiment, “Granatieri Di Sardegna” ,Full Dress, The Italian Army, 1898-1902

RC9095                 Sergeant, 1st Regiment, “Nizza Cavalleria”, Parade Dress, The Italian Army, 1898-1902

RC9096                 Lieutenant, King’s Guard Cuirassier Squadron, Sunday Dress, The Italian Army, 1898-1902

RC9097                 Private, 5th Regiment, “Lancieri Novara”, Full Dress, The Italian Army, 1898-1902

RC9098                 Officer, Bersaglieri Regiments, The Italian Army, 1898-1902

RC9099                 Sergeant Marksman, Bersaglieri Regiments, The Italian Army, 1898-1902




JW9003                 Count Castella, General of Brigade, 1813-1815

JW9004                 Marshal Lannes, 1804

JW9005                 Baraguey d’Hilliers, Colonel General of Dragoons, 1804

JW9006                 Louis Bonaparte, King of Holland, 1806-1810

JW9007                 General Dorsenne, Colonel Commandant, Imperial Garde Grenadiers, 1810

JW9008                 Admiral Joseph Ganteaume, Colonel Commandant, Marines of the Garde, 1811-1812

JW9009                 General Colbert, Colonel Commandant, Chevau-Legers Lancers of the Garde, 1814-1815

JW9010                 Marshal Lannes, Uniform of the Chasseurs A Cheval of the Garde, 1805

JW9011                 Marshal Bessieres, Colonel General of the Cavalry of the Garde, 1809

JW9012                 Aide de Camp to Marshal Poniatowski, 1813

JW9013                 Prince Louis Bonaparte (Later King of Holland), Colonel General of Carabiniers, 1804-1806

JW9014                 Marshal Oudinot in Campaign Dress, 1804-1815

JW9015                 Prince Joseph Antoine Poniatowski in Lancer Uniform, 1813

JW9016                 Marshal Jourdan, Commandant En Chef, 1804-1807

JW9017                 General Desvaux de Saint-Maurice, Colonel Commandant, Horse Artillery of the Garde, 1813

JW9018                 General Rapp, Aide de Camp to Premier Consul, 1802-1803

JW9019                 Aide de Camp to the Viceroy of Italy, 1812

JW9020                 Marshal Augereau, Ceremonial Dress, 1804-1815

JW9021                 Eugene de Beauharnais, Colonel General of Chasseurs, 1804

JW9022                 La Riboisiere, Colonel Commandant of Artillery, 1812

JW9023                 Grouchy, Colonel General of Chasseurs A Cheval, 1813-1814

JW9024                 General Dorsenne, Spain, 1808

JW9025                 General Staff Officer, 1809-1815

JW9026                 French Cuirassier Officer, 1812-1815

JW9027                 French Imperial Guard Dragoons Officer, 1812

JW9028                 French Carabinier Officer, 1812-1815

JW9029                 French Carabinier Trooper, 1812-1815

JW9030                 French Marine of the Guard, 1812-1815

JW9031                 Fusilier of Infantry, The French Army, c.1760

JW9032                 French Infantry Private, 1914

JW9033                 Voltigeur, French Light Infantry, 1804-1813

JW9034                 Carabinier, French Light Infantry, 1804-1813

JW9035A              Fusilier in Campaign Dress, French Light Infantry, 1804-1812

JW9035B              Corporal of Fusiliers, French Light Infantry, 1804-1812

JW9035C              Officer of Carabiniers, French Light Infantry, 1804-1812

JW9036                 French Hussar, Esterhazy Regiment (No. 3) c.1790

JW9037                 French Hussar, 7th Regiment, c.1800

JW9038                 French Hussar, 2nd Regiment, 1801-1803

JW9039                 French Hussar, 5th Regiment, c.1795

JW9040                 French Hussar, 4th Regiment, c.1800

JW9041                 Captain, 28th Light Cavalry, c.1910

JW9042                 Major, The Guides Cavalry, c.1912, The Indian Army

JW9043                 Captain, Probyn’s Horse, c.1901, The Indian Army

JW9044                 Jemadar, 3rd Skinner’s Horse, c.1914, The Indian Army

JW9045                 Cavalry Officer English and Most European Armies First Half of the 17th Century

JW9046                 Infantry Officer English and Most European Armies First Half of the 17th Century

JW9047                 Musketeer, English and Most  European Armies, First Half of the 17th Century

JW9048                 Cavalry Trooper, The English Civil War 1642-1651

JW9049                 King Frederick The Great of Prussia The Seven Years War 1756-62

JW9050                 Prussian General Officer, Seven Years War, 1756-1762

JW9051                 General Von Zieten of Prussia, Seven Years War, 1756-1762

JW9052                 General Von Seydlitz of Prussia, Seven Years War, 1756-1762

JW9053                 Muzio Attendolo Sforza, Italy, 15th Century

JW9054                 Kaiser Wilhelm II, 1914

JW9055                 Benito Mussolini

JW9056                 Herman Goring

JW9057                 Hun Warrior

JW9058                 Hun Warrior

JW9059                 Hun Cavalryman

JW9060                 Burgundian Warrior

JW9061/62            Frankish Warrior and Captive

JW9063 /64           Barbarian and Girl           

JW9065                 Trumpeter, 4th Regiment, French Dragoons, 1813-1814

JW9066                 Sapeur, 30th Regiment, French Dragoons, 1809-1810

JW9067                 Murat, King of Naples, 1808

JW9068                 Murat, Grand Duke of Berg, At the Battle of Heilsberg, 1807

JW9069                 Murat, King of Naples, 1808

JW9070                 Murat, At the Battle of Gutersdorf, 1805

JW9071                 Marshal Ney, Russian Retreat, 1812

JW9072                 Junot, Colonel General of Hussars, 1804

JW9073                 La Salle, General of Brigade, 1806

JW9074                 Marshal Bernadotte, 1807           

JW9076                 Officer, British Line Infantry, c.1850

JW9077                 Guard of the Sleeve, The King’s Household, France, 1724

JW9078                 Guard of the Swiss Hundreds The King’s Household France 1786

JW9079                 Musketeer, The King’s Household, France, 1724

JW9080                 Bodyguard, The King’s Household, France, 1721

JW9081                 Officer Guards of the Door, The King’s Household, France, 1724

JW9082                 Horseman of the Maréchaussée, France, 1786

JW9083                 Jerome Bonaparte, King of Westphalia, 1807-1813

JW9084                 Prince Eugene De Beauharnais, Viceroy of Italy, 1812

JW9085                 D’Hautpoul, General of Division, 1807

JW9086                 General Chouard, 1811-1812

JW9087                 General Gouvion St. Cyr, Colonel General of Cuirassiers, 1804

JW9088                 Grenadier, Grenadiers A Cheval De La Garde, 1804-1815

JW9089                 Trumpeter, Grenadiers A Cheval De La Garde, 1804-1815

JW9090                 Queen Elizabeth I

JW9091                 Robert Dudley, The Earl of Leicester

JW9092                 Gunner, French Foot Artillery of the Garde, 1810-1815

JW9093                 First Lieutenant, French Marines of the Garde, c.1810

JW9094                 Drummer, French Marines of the Garde, 1808-1815

JW9095                 Trumpeter, French Marines of the Garde, 1808-1815

JW9096                 Sapeur, Grenadiers of the Imperial Garde, c.1808

JW9097                 Drummer, Grenadiers of the Imperial Garde, c.1815

JW9098                 Voltigeur Hornist, French Line Infantry, c.1810

JW9099                 Sapeur, French Line Infantry, c.1810

JW90100                 Grenadier Drummer, French Line Infantry, c.1810

JW90101                 Dragoon, French Dragoons of the Line, c.1808, Service on Foot

JW90102                 Dragoon, French Dragoons of the Line, 1812

JW90103                 Lancer, Lancers of the Imperial Garde, 1807-1814

JW90106                 Sir John Chandos, KG

JW90107                 Jean De Créquy

JW90108                 Robert De Mamines

JW90109                 Sir John De Lisle, Lord of Rougemont

JW90110                 Laurence Hastings, Earl of Pembroke

JW90111                 Henry Plantagenet, Earl of Derby, Duke of Lancaster, KG

JW90112                 Ralf, Lord Basset of Drayton, KG

JW90113                 Louis De Nevers, Count of Flanders

JW90114                 The Duke of Bar

JW90115                 Edward, Lord Le Despencer, KG

JW90116                 Ulrich Von Lichenstein

JW90117                 King Henry V

JW90118                 Richard De Vere, Earl of Oxford

JW90119                 Gunther De Scharzburg

JW90120                 Lord of La Gruthuyse

JW90121                 Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy

JW90122                 Guillaume De Vienne

JW90123                 General Officer of the Schutztruppen, German Colonial Troops, c.1914

JW90124                 Oberleutnant of Schutztruppen, German Colonial Troops, c.1914, Full Dress Uniform

JW90125                 Trumpeter of Schutztruppen, German Colonial Troops, c.1914

JW90126                 Grenadier, Potsdam Giant Grenadiers, The Prussian Army, 1714

JW90127                 Jacques De Crèvecoeur

JW90128                 Thibaud De Neuchātel

JW90129                 Baudot De Noyelles

JW90130                 Frédéric Count of Meurs

JW90131                 Jean De Luxembourg

JW90132                 Lord Horatio Nelson

JW90133                 Provincial Legate, The Roman Army, Early Imperial Period

JW90134                 Signifer, The Roman Army, Mid 1st Century AD

JW90135                 Cornicen, The Roman Army, Late 1st Century AD

JW90136                 Centurion, Legio XX Valeria, The Roman Army, Circa 1st Century AD

JW90137                 Legionary, The Roman Army, Late Augustan Period

JW90138              Legionary, The Roman Army, Circa 1st Century AD

JW90139              Greek Warrior, Circa 340 BC

JW90140              Greek Warrior, Circa 480 BC

JW90141              Spartan Hoplite, Circa 420 BC, (Peloponnesian Wars)

JW90142              Samnite Warrior, Circa 350 BC

JW90143              Greek Hoplite, Circa 480 BC, (Persian Wars)

JW90144              Athenian Peltast, Circa 340 BC

JW90145              Mamluk Heavy Cavalryman

JW90146              Saladin The Saracen

JW90147              Iraqi Infantryman with Abbasid Banner

JW90148              Thracian Peltast, Circa 390 BC

JW90149              Scythian Archer, Circa 480 BC

JW90150              Persian Foot Warrior

JW90151              Persian Immortal

JW90152              Celtic Horn Blower

JW90153              Viking Warrior, 9th-10th Centuries

JW90154              Rus Viking, 10th-11th Centuries

JW90155              Viking Warrior, 9th-10th Centuries

JW90156              Georgian Horse Archer, 13th Century

JW90157              Bedouin Warrior

JW90158              King Charles I, (1625-1649)

JW90159              King Charles II, (1660-1685)

JW90162              William Shakespeare

JW90163              Cuirassier Field Officer, The Austrian Army, c.1860

JW90164              Dragoon Officer, The Austro-Hungarian Army, 1900-1914

JW90165              Hussar Officer, The Austro-Hungarian Army, 1900-1914

JW90166              Richard I (The Lionhart), 1189-1199

JW90168              Guard of the High Constable, France 1724

JW90169              Guard Regiment of French Guards, France 1724